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What Is Crumby Spokes, you ask?

Each Valentine's Day, the Crumby Spokes volunteer fleet dresses up in homemade costumery and bikes around New York City delivering freshly-baked vegan chocolate chip scones to beloved folks of all stripes, at home or at work!

Place your order(s) and on Wednesday February 14th 2024, your valentine (sweetie, friend, family, or self) will receive (a) a lovingly printed and hand-written personalized card and (b) a bag of five delicious homemade, heart-shaped chocolate chip SCONES.

Where Do the Donations Go?

Each year, we choose two local NYC organizations to receive the funds we raise. And because we’re 100% volunteer-and-donation run, every dollar of orderers’ $15-25 sliding-scale donation goes directly to them. Here are our 2024 recipients:

Equality for Flatbush (E4F) is a Black/POC-led, grassroots organization with two goals: end NYPD murders and stop the displacement of low-to-middle income people from Brooklyn. They are the only grassroots organization in NYC rapidly responding to pay people's rent, re-locate survivors of violence and provide emergency housing to stop displacement.

Within Our Lifetime is a Palestinian-led community organization building the movement for Palestine in NYC. Local campaigns have included rejecting City Council's anti-Palestinian crackdown and supporting CUNY students, alums and faculty under attack, and participating in #BlockTheBoat to block Israeli cargo ships from docking in New York and New Jersey ports.

Are you a cyclist? A crafter? A doodler? We need your help!

Now seeking volunteers for 2024!

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